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By Mark Howard, Jeff Brown (Cover Design by), Michael Waitz (Editor)
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The crusade marches on, but Godfrey de Bastogne is left to defend the strategically important castle known as Olso Fortress. As his men yearn to return to their homes in Bastogne at the crusade's imminent conclusion, Godfrey is torn between going with them to reclaim his birthright and starting a new life in Azgald with Madeline, his betrothed. Meanwhile, Madeline seeks to increase her magical abilities but is thwarted in every attempt by the castle's new librarian. At the same time, High Warlord Alvir has neither forgiven nor forgotten the wounds dealt to him by the crusaders, and he lays siege to Olso Fortress. Will Godfrey prove to be the leader he needs to be in this dark hour? Can Madeline forgive him for his failings and sharp words before succumbing to bitterness? Or will a traitor within the fortress throw the castle gates open to the enemy before Godfrey and Madeline can come to their senses?

Product Details
ISBN: 9781088074244
ISBN-10: 1088074243
Publisher: Mark Louis Howard
Publication Date: November 30th, 2022
Pages: 492
Language: English

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Godfrey Under Siege (Paperback)

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