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This book is for game designers of all experience levels and also for the teams, developers, and support staff they work with. It showcases the reality of what game designers actually do (or should be doing) and sheds light on some widespread misconceptions of the job. This is an easy-to-read, practical guide for the following people:

Game Designers: Understand what Game Designers really own and the skills required to be successful. Anyone can design games but not everyone is a Game Designer. What distinguishes those two is the team. Game Designers are part of a passionate development team and working successfully with that team is as important as the game design itself. This book reveals how to successfully drive the gameplay experience from vision to final product. It also dives deeper into the skills required to inspire the team and build belief in the design.

Future Game Designers: If you want to become a Game Designer because you believe you have great game ideas then you'll be truly disappointed with the actual job. Your ideas aren't as important as your critical thinking and ability to design. In short, how you turn the millions of ideas already out in the world and the thousands of ideas the dev team already has into solid designs that solve the current problem, fit the vision's goals, and enhance the gameplay experience. This book will further discuss the difference between Ideas and Designs as well as dive deep into the true day to day job of a Game Designer.

Teams/Support: For everyone else already in game development but not on the design team, you'll be able to use the knowledge in this book to increase your understanding of game design and better your collaboration with the designers on your teams. After all, it's the game designer's job to inspire you. Great design means nothing without a team driving their passion into the product. The team is the designer's first customer. The moment they forget that, morale starts to fall and the game starts to suffer. But that doesn't mean the customer is always right. This book will showcase what designers are expected to own and how they should always turn to the team for ideas and feedback.

Whether you're new to game design, looking to hone your skills, or dreaming of completely restructuring your design team's philosophy, there's something here for you. The ultimate goal of this book is to raise the role of Game Designer to a higher standard across the video game industry.

Product Details
ISBN: 9781777993207
ISBN-10: 1777993202
Publisher: Richard Carrillo
Publication Date: November 24th, 2021
Pages: 238
Language: English

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The Role of a Great Game Designer (Paperback)

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