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Workplace Danger (Heartland Heartstoppers #3)

Workplace Danger (Heartland Heartstoppers #3)

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Publication Date: July 2nd, 2019
Winged Publications


After spending years caring for her ailing parents and teaching art in a Springfield, Missouri high school, Jasmine (Jazzy) Dwyer no longer has any expectation of a committed relationship. Yet, beneath her self-sufficient exterior, a lonely heart longs for such a bond.Steve Prescott made a mistake that cost him his family and years of his life. Now he's a free man, working hard, and doing everything he can to make amends, but is unable to forgive himself. When a man with whom he once worked is murdered, and he is questioned, he sets out to prove who really killed the man.Can a man with a jaded past find peace with God and start life anew with the school teacher who represents trouble at every turn, yet somehow ends up as his sidekick sleuth?