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Sparrow & Angel: A Latin Lover Romance (Heartstoppers #1)

Sparrow & Angel: A Latin Lover Romance (Heartstoppers #1)

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Publication Date: June 11th, 2021
Independently Published


I lost him over once a stupid mistake, and years later, he's still holding it against me.
But a chance encounter puts us in close proximity and forces us to reconcile.
Our love is still strong, and our hearts... still only beat for only each other.
As everyone in our circle roots for us, the haters still loom in the darkness.
But I need him. We need each other.

She's never left my mind nor my heart.
No matter the anger that burned inside my chest every time I thought about how badly she hurt me.
Once we were back in the same proximity, our flame sparked again.
Brighter this time.
Bright like I always knew we could burn. But even the brightest of passion waxes cold.
Thank God, ours burned forever more.